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10% of Retail Sales donated to charity
10% of Retail Sales donated to charity


Ensure consistent cleaning across all facilities by producing HOCL on-site

Self-Automated Anolyte Generators


Safely clean and disinfect all surfaces with the EPA approved solution.

No rinse formula with a fresh, clean scent
EPA Approved

List N and List K Disinfectant

Workplace Safety

Providing on-site production of HOCL

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Fight COVID-19, Flu and other pathogens

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Self-Automated Anolyte Generators producing an EPA approved Hypochlorous Acid that effectively controls contamination of viruses (COVID-19), bacteria, mold and biofilm.

"The anolyte generator creates disinfectant that is made in-house and is crucial in our fight against COVID-19 and its variants. The machine itself is incredible. It requires little to no maintenance and is self contained with little human intervention or oversight." -- Rob Hill, Emergency Management Director, Stillwater, OK