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Disinfectant on Demand Applications

Self-Automated Anolyte Generators to produce hypochlorus acid on-site.

Service Wing customers produce HOCl on-site, and reduce the chances of contamination and disease or bacteria transmission. 

Hypochlorous acid is known as nature's oldest and strongest disinfectant. It has many uses: spray directly on hard or soft surfaces to disinfect, apply through hoses, foggers or misters to broadly sanitize larger areas, and purify drinking water by dosing into water systems. It is also safe to apply around people, animals and the environment without personal protective equipment.

Who Can Use Anolyte Generators to produce Hypochlorous Acid?


    • Police, Fire, Ambulance Stations and Vehicles

    • Schools, Universities, Dorms, Athletic Centers, Cafeterias

Community Outreach

    • Nursing/Senior Homes and Community Centers

    • Shopping Centers

    • Sports Facilities and Gyms

    • Banks, Restaurants, and other businesses

Agriculture and Food Processing

    • Farmers, Manufacturers & Processing Plants

    • Livestock facilities

Oil and Gas Industry

    • Disinfect fracing water and prevents groundwater contamination
    • Prevent and remove biofilm, slime and scale

The EPA Approved Disinfectant on Demand can also be purchased through the Service Wing Online Store. It is available in ready-to-use containers for use at home or work. 

Disinfectant on Demand



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