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Comanche County Sheriff Reference

The Comanche County Sheriff's Office and Jail is over 25,000 square feet of occupied space and can house up to 144 inmates. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Sheriff's Office leaders started looking for "out of the box" solutions to decontaminate large areas quickly but efficiently. A solution HOCL, Hypochlorous acid, was researched after a video appeared using a DIY apparatus using a paint gun and SCBA gear. This allowed spraying large areas with a fine mist efficiently and was used in the jail courthouse and office buildings without disturbing the occupation of the locations. This video and decontamination methods lead the Sheriff's Office to Service Wing Organic Soultions. American Recover Act funds were dispensed to fund Service Wing installing a SWA-300 Generator that could mass produce HOCL for pennies per gallon. The product has been used in all of the County Buildings and is dispersed and offered to all the four public schools in the county.

While working in the pandemic the Jail staff encountered positive cases and with stringent quarantine, protective measures and cleaning with HOCL, there was no documented spread within the confines of the jail. Local Health Authorities praised the Jail Staff for their diligence.

This product has reduced the demand for commercial cleaning supplies in the jail to a minimum. Staff appreciates the fact that it is non-toxic and does not bleach clothing. When distributed in the jail to inmates for cleaning there is not a concern of inmates splashing and injuring staff or ingesting the product. This has been a viable solution that we will continue to use for cleaning in the jail setting.

Chris Pounds, Sheriff Comanche County

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Fort Smith Fire Department Reference

After a full year of using the Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) generator purchased from you, I wanted to share our experiences. We are extremely happy with Service Wing Organic Solutions, the HOCL generator, and the product it produces! Should and potential customer like to call/visit with us, feel free to forward my info.

As you know, Fort Smith Fire has been utilizing HOCL since the early onset of COVID in March of 2020. We made several trips to Tulsa FD with 55-gallon drums until our machine was installed. Since day one of us acquiring HOCL, we have used it on a daily basis. In the beginning, all fire stations, fire apparatus, city offices, transit buses, sanitation trucks, and police cars were disinfected daily, if not hourly. After every medical call responded to, the firefighters would decon themselves, the equipment, and the apparatus with HOCL. To this day, not one firefighter has contracted COVID through direct patient exposure! We have had several firefighters test positive for COVID, but they were all exposures from family members.

On the HOCL generator itself. We have had great success with this unit. We produce enough daily product to keep all 11 Fire Stations, the entire Transit Department, Sanitation Department, FS Convention Center, City Hall, our local Red Cross, and a local medical clinic supplied with HOCL.

While I can't specifically speak on the science behind the product, I'm confident enough in the generator that I don't worry about the final product. Maintenance on the machine is minimal, as long as we stay on top of our daily/weekly testing. The few initial issues we did have, Service Wing technicians were very quick to respond and repair.

We store the product in a 350 gallon tote and completely drain/refill every 2 weeks regardless of use. All areas where HOCL are used, those places store the product in a 5-gallon water tote. We implemented a 30-day expiration period for all 5-gallon totes that are filled, leaving a 45-day maximum duration for any HOCL. With these practices we are far within the expected lifespan of the final product. And, other than the cost of the salt tablets (very minimal), we have not seen other expenses or rise in our electric bill (the FD is not charged for water usage). I can't give an exact dollar amount for the cost per gallon of product made, but I'm certain it's well below the projected 4-cents/gallon.

Thank you for your professionalism, knowledge of the product, and your willingness to make sure your installation was perfect.


Phil Christensen, Fire Chief

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City of Stillwater Recommendation

In October 2020, the City of Stillwater was informed by the State of Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, that it would be one of several recipients of an Anolyte generator. The Anolyte generator creates disinfectant that is made in-house and is crucial in our fight against Covid-19 and its variants.

In December 2020, Service Wing Organic, LLC traveled to Stillwater to install the generator. They worked with staff to design the layout that fit our installation and distribution needs. Service Wing Organic, LLC. worked with staff to explain the process of installation, the process of operation and demonstrated how to use the app to control the Anolyte generator.

The machine itself is incredible. It requires little to no maintenance and is self-contained with little human intervention, or oversite. With routine maintenance and maintaining adequate salt levels, this machine performs as expected.

Service Wing Organic, LLC. is a business with a focus in customer service. Their staff is prompt to answer/respond to phone calls, emails and texts. They know our name when we call them, they are familiar with our installation and the setup of our equipment. We have had two instances where we needed them for support and they responded the same day, either in person or remotely.

Service Wing Organic, LLC. contacts us regularly to see how things are going and if there is anything they can do for us. They check on our system regularly by monitoring remotely and make subtle adjustments as needed to ensure the best product is being created for our community and the people we provide the solution.

Rob Hill, City of Stillwater Emergency Management Director

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Jennings Public Schools Reference

Thursday, July 29, 2021

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to give my highest recommendation for Service Wing Organic Solutions, LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Last year they installed an Anolyte Generator for the Pawnee County Emergency Management. This system produces bulk quantities of Hypochlorous Acid which is an EPA approved disinfectant used for the fight against COVID-19.

Through a partnership, with the Pawnee County Emergency Management, we were able to obtain Hypochlorous Acid throughout the year at no cost. Using hydrostatic sprayers, we used it to sanitize our entire campus throughout the entirety of our school year. We used it to disinfect our buses, cafeteria, classrooms, and all high touch areas on a daily basis.

We were able to have in-person learning throughout the entirety of the school year. We only had two cases of COVID-19 directly in the school and those resulted in fewer than 10 total quarantines. We believe that having the Hypochlorous Acid readily and affordably available, benefitted us tremendously. Again, I highly recommend this as an effective option in the fight against COVID-19.


Derrick S. Meador, Superintendent Jennings Public Schools

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Pawnee County Emergency Management

August 3, 2021

To Whom It May Concern:

I was hired as Pawnee County Emergency Management Director on 03/01/2020 and COVID-19 hit our entire county changing how we perform everyday task. To help combat this new virus CDC and OSHD guidelines were to wear mask, social distance and sanitize. With possible funding available the BOCC in Pawnee County agreed to purchase an Anolyte Generator for producing Hypochlorous Acid from Serving Wing Solutions in order for the county to have sanitizer for the county and first responders during the pandemic.

Before purchasing the Anolyte Generator, myself and County Clerk Kris Moles, went to Service Wing Solutions to learn more about the machine and the process of making the sanitizer. The staff at Service Wing Solutions gave us a tour and answered all our questions and were very helpful during the purchasing process. Pawnee County had the Anolyte Generator installed in September 2020 inside the courthouse basement.

Pawnee County has been providing free sanitizer to all residents and businesses in Pawnee County. Because of this the City of Cleveland has three barrels set up in their city for public use. The Jennings Public School uses the product to disinfect the school and buses with great success and has had minimal impact with COVID-19 being spread in the school. I have been using the product inside the courthouse for disinfecting everything and we have had no COVID-19 spread and only a few employees contracting the virus away from work. The janitorial staff loves using the product due to ease of application using misters and foggers and employees use the product in room humidifiers to clean the air making it fresh. I have elderly residents, Pharmacies, churches who regularly come to get gallon containers filled at the courthouse.

When the vaccines rolled out in January 2021, I used the product to disinfect vaccine pods every two weeks in Pawnee and Cleveland for the County Health Department. During the winter weather events in the county and
shelters needed to be set up, again the product was used to disinfect cots and entire facilities and also when they were closed per American Red Cross request.

The cost to run the Anolyte Generator is very minimal and the ease to dispense it accompanied by how effective it is killing viruses is phenomenal. Service Wing Technicians have come out for software updates and minor maintenance issues and are always helpful. This has been an essential
tool to have combating COVID-19 and keeping employees healthy and at work.

Mark Brisbin, Pawnee County Emergency Management Director


Pawnee County Emergency Management

August 27, 2021

To Whom It May Concern:

In March of 2020 Sequoyah County Rural Fire Protection District#1 (RFPD#1) became acquainted with Kelly Mull of ServiceWing Organics thru Tulsa Fire Department Chief Mike Mallory. Kelly was providing free hypochlorous acid thru Chief Mallory. After visiting with each of them, our department recognized the potential value of being able to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community with the use of hypochlorous acid. We set out to make a plan to be able to retain a supply for the community.

As other community partners began food giveaways and programs to reach quarantined individuals, RFPD#1 joined in vigorously at the giveaways and in the delivery of hypochlorous acid to those quarantined. The outreach by our fire department began to help ease some of the strain in the community brought on by COVID-19. Being a small community very dependent on tourism thru the summer, RFPD#1 began to reach out to local businesses and marinas to offer a supply of hypochlorous acid. With locals and businesses now using product, we turned to the coming school year to look at providing a layer of protection for students. We’ve had great success with multiple schools agreeing to use the product. They are using it for, buses, classrooms, food prep areas, sports locker rooms, and other areas.

The popularity of the hypochlorous acid as a disinfectant led to RFPD#1 making routine trips to Tulsa to replenish our supply. Recognizing the many hours spent traveling by RFPD#1, Brett Mull of ServiceWing Organics suggested we keep a few 330 gallon totes on hand for storage. Brett secured totes for us in an outstanding gesture of customer service. The addition of extra product storage allowed us to continue reaching out to more community members. We have been able to supply several nursing homes, 3 large corporate businesses, and local, state, and federal government offices in surrounding counties.

Seeing the diligence and hard work of RFPD#1, ServiceWing was instrumental in the State of Oklahoma’s decision to award us with a hypochlorous acid generator of our own. Through hundreds of contacts with community members, all of the remarks have always been positive with the use of the hypochlorous acid. Many individuals have also suggested that besides combating COVID-19 it has helped heal wounds, sunburns, and other issues. The overwhelming support shown to RFPD#1 by ServiceWing throughout the COVID-19 crisis cannot be full conveyed in a single letter.

I urge everyone to do your part and continue in being vigilant in taking the prescribed steps to safe guard yourselves, your families and ultimately your communities.


Heath Orabanec, Fire Chief
Rural Fire Protection District #1 of Sequoyah County, Oklahoma