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Fort Smith Fire Department Reference

After a full year of using the Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) generator purchased from you, I wanted to share our experiences. We are extremely happy with Service Wing Organic Solutions, the HOCL generator, and the product it produces! Should and potential customer like to call/visit with us, feel free to forward my info.

As you know, Fort Smith Fire has been utilizing HOCL since the early onset of COVID in March of 2020. We made several trips to Tulsa FD with 55-gallon drums until our machine was installed. Since day one of us acquiring HOCL, we have used it on a daily basis. In the beginning, all fire stations, fire apparatus, city offices, transit buses, sanitation trucks, and police cars were disinfected daily, if not hourly. After every medical call responded to, the firefighters would decon themselves, the equipment, and the apparatus with HOCL. To this day, not one firefighter has contracted COVID through direct patient exposure! We have had several firefighters test positive for COVID, but they were all exposures from family members.

On the HOCL generator itself. We have had great success with this unit. We produce enough daily product to keep all 11 Fire Stations, the entire Transit Department, Sanitation Department, FS Convention Center, City Hall, our local Red Cross, and a local medical clinic supplied with HOCL.

While I can't specifically speak on the science behind the product, I'm confident enough in the generator that I don't worry about the final product. Maintenance on the machine is minimal, as long as we stay on top of our daily/weekly testing. The few initial issues we did have, Service Wing technicians were very quick to respond and repair.

We store the product in a 350 gallon tote and completely drain/refill every 2 weeks regardless of use. All areas where HOCL are used, those places store the product in a 5-gallon water tote. We implemented a 30-day expiration period for all 5-gallon totes that are filled, leaving a 45-day maximum duration for any HOCL. With these practices we are far within the expected lifespan of the final product. And, other than the cost of the salt tablets (very minimal), we have not seen other expenses or rise in our electric bill (the FD is not charged for water usage). I can't give an exact dollar amount for the cost per gallon of product made, but I'm certain it's well below the projected 4-cents/gallon.

Thank you for your professionalism, knowledge of the product, and your willingness to make sure your installation was perfect.


Phil Christensen, Fire Chief


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