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City of Stillwater Recommendation

In October 2020, the City of Stillwater was informed by the State of Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, that it would be one of several recipients of an Anolyte generator. The Anolyte generator creates disinfectant that is made in-house and is crucial in our fight against Covid-19 and its variants.

In December 2020, Service Wing Organic, LLC traveled to Stillwater to install the generator. They worked with staff to design the layout that fit our installation and distribution needs. Service Wing Organic, LLC. worked with staff to explain the process of installation, the process
of operation and demonstrated how to use the app to control the Anolyte generator.

The machine itself is incredible. It requires little to no maintenance and is self-contained with little human intervention, or oversite. With routine maintenance and maintaining adequate salt levels, this machine performs as expected.

Service Wing Organic, LLC. is a business with a focus in customer service. Their staff is prompt to answer/respond to phone calls, emails and texts. They know our name when we call them, they are familiar with our installation and the setup of our equipment. We have had two instances where we needed them for support and they responded the same day, either in person or remotely.

Service Wing Organic, LLC. contacts us regularly to see how things are going and if there is anything they can do for us. They check on our system regularly by monitoring remotely and make subtle adjustments as needed to ensure the best product is being created for our community and the people we provide the solution.

Rob Hill

Emergency Management Director, Stillwater, Oklahoma

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