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HOCL for Livestock and Poultry Production

HOCL for Livestock and Poultry Production

Install an anolyte generator and treat everything from the drinking water to the entire farm!

These machines can dose hypochlorous acid (HOCL) directly into drinking water to eliminate pathogens and keep water lines free from biofilm and deposits.  HOCL is also an enhanced bio-security treatment for the entire farm. 

Service Wing Organic Solutions, LLC works with some of the largest and most reputable farmers in the US. With our technology, they all have multiple grow out cycles with significant results.

Service Wing’s Anolyte systems are easy to install and apply, as it is dosed directly into the animals’ drinking water with a dosage rate of 2-3%. They provide impressive cost savings, and the use of anolyte greatly reduces, and can completely remove the antibiotics in animal environments. This also reduces cost and results in a more natural, final product. Our customers also see an immediate removal of biofilm in waterlines and nozzles.

Hypochlorous acid is versatile, and can be applied to a large number of areas in livestock production. It is an ideal disinfecting and sterilization solution, and a more effective bio security solution with out the harsh chemicals.

  • Reduce mortality
  • Reduce medication costs
  • Improve feed conversion ratio
  • Improve overall health of livestock
  • May be used for organic production
  • Keeps water lines free from biofilm and deposits
  • Dose into water lines
  • Sanitize and disinfect equipment and facilities
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