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Disinfectant on Demand 5 Gallon Container


Disinfectant on Demand (D.O.D.) is an ideal cleaning solution for use in homes, schools and businesses. This EPA approved anolyte solution is a multipurpose disinfectant that will protect against viruses (COVID-19), mold, bacteria and fungus. It is fast acting and has a high performance for destroying bacteria on all surface types. It can be applied without hesitation in all environments, and is safe to use around people and animals, without the additional use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Disinfectant on Demand must be used for disinfection applications within 30 days of being produce by a Service Wing Anolyte Generator. It can be tested with chlorine test kits or test strips.

D.O.D is produced at a near neutral 6.5 pH where the predominant antimicrobial agent is hypochlorous acid, an efficient and efficacious specie of chlorine. Hypochlorous acid kills bacteria. When produced, D.O.D (an anolyte solution), contains a minimum of 500 ppm free available chlorine (FAC).