Outsourced engineering services appear cost-effective but end up being an expensive proposition because of the cost of communication, quality issues and unprotected domain knowledge. Today’s business owners require state of the art technology, fast results and agile development models which are flexible to accommodate changing business needs. Outsourcing product development can provide a company significant cost savings, but only if it is correctly executed.



Service Wing specializes in software Product Development and Incubation Services. Service Wing has over 15+ years of product development experience for US based businesses and has helped our clients to grow from a single person Proof-Of-Concept work to 100+ employees doing Product development, Professional Services and Product support work. Our Team is comprised of technology experts who understand the complexities of Product Development, multi-disciplined technologies, and can leverage this knowledge and experience to provide our clients quality products at a cost savings.  Service Wing can support our clients through the entire product development lifecycle, whether providing an end to end solution or a just specific subset of the development process.



Service Wing Healthcare partners with Service Wing Solutions for outsourced engineering work.