Mental Health Assessment

Working with VISN 22 Veterans Transition & Care Management Group and a Principle Investigator (PI) through their Center of Excellence for Stress and Mental Health (CESAMH) in San Diego, Service Wing Healthcare has developed a technology solution that will dramatically improve the assessment, allocation, and continued follow-up of mental health services for veterans and provide a ‘Patient Aligned Centered Care’ approach.  The solution utilizes web based assessments, automated scoring, assignment of services, and customized patient centered reports and education materials from any computing platform (home based, tablet PC, smart phone, field based computers), while automatically integrating into the CPRS Mental Health Assistant application for Clinical Reminders and management of services.


  • Improve satisfaction from veterans and clinicians.
  • Improve number of veterans who are properly assessed for mental health needs.
  • Improved and timelier allocation of mental health services.
  • Significant staff and operational efficiencies.
  • Improved management of on-going mental health assessment requirements.
  • Improved clinical documentation by integrating mental health assessments into clinical chart.
  • Thorough and timely assistance to more veterans who are in need in a manner that is convenient to them.
  • Patients often find it easier to confide sensitive information electronically than directly to a clinician (i.e. alcohol use, drug use, psychiatric evaluation, depression, etc.).

Quality and Reach

  • Patient Centered care by providing the veteran with options on how they access and utilize mental health services and providing them with assessments reports and education material customized for their needs.
  • Ability to assess and engage patients into proper mental health services from anywhere (home, field, and clinic).
  • Enhanced field based screening during transition events without the need for a fully qualified mental health team with immediate feedback on veteran needs.
  • Ability to increase access to mental health assessments and assignment of services in a timely manner without the need for additional staff.
  • Improved assessment and more timely allocation of services.


  • Secure Web based application technology with secure central aggregated and actionable data.
  • Tele-health capabilities through access of services from any computing platform from anywhere (PC, tablet, smart phone).
  • Automated scoring of mental health assessment.
  • Generation of Patient Centered reports and education material in real-time that can be accessed by veteran at anytime from anywhere.
  • Automated management of Clinical Reminders and assessment follow-ups through integration with CPRS Mental Health Assistant application.
  • Monitoring of veteran assessments and timely actions on Clinical Reminders for alerting conditions if issue is detected through scoring or non-compliance of Clinical Reminders.