Health of hospitals

As the healthcare environment changes, there is tremendous discussion and focus at a global level on the increasing cost of healthcare delivery.  Most of the discussion has been focused on lowering cost through better Quality of Care and migrating care away from hospitals to more home and ancillary based environments.  It is also well documented that a very small percentage of the patient population accounts for a large portion of the expense curve.

Service Wing believes hospitals are and will remain the foundation of the healthcare system.  Our products and services are designed to help hospitals adapt to a changing environment of improving quality while improving their fiscal performance.   We allow the hospital to extend their care environment to the home and focus on eliminating clinical events that are high expense and produce poor quality outcomes.

Our solutions are designed to integrate into existing clinical and operational workflows with minimal training and deployment requirements.  We provide Turnkey solutions that are easy to deploy and cost effective.  Service Wing solutions help hospitals solve their internal clinical and operational issues and extend high quality care beyond the four walls of their facility.

Service Wing solutions help hospitals operate with greater clinical efficiency and expand their business model into the future of mobile and home based care; improving the bottom line through better Quality of Care.

Readmissions Management

Post-discharge care is becoming a major issue as payers move toward eliminating reimbursement for readmissions that occur within 30 days of discharge; especially for Congestive Heart Failure patients.  There is a significant amount of research that has shown post-discharge home based monitoring of key vital signs can significantly reduce the 30 days readmission rate.  This rate is further improved if dietary controls can be added to the process.

Service Wing’s Readmission Management solution provides a seamless way for hospitals to manage their CHF patients post-discharge for 30 to 45 days.  Our integrated solution links to the hospitals discharge process and provides patients with the latest in home-based plug-and-play wireless vital sign monitoring.  We also offer a dietary control option where freshly packed patient selected meals are delivered to the patient’s home on a weekly basis.

We utilize the latest in wireless, mobile, logistics, and social networking technologies to provide 24/7 monitoring with near real-time notification and escalation capabilities and provide the hospital with the ability to extend care post discharge in a very cost effective and profitable manner.

This same solution can be custom tailored to provide the hospital with any type of home care and monitoring solution required for any clinical condition.

Hospital Acquired Conditions

Hospital Acquired Conditions (HAC) cost the health industry over $10 Billion annually and are the greatest contributor to lower quality of care and patient safety considerations in hospitals.  HACs vary from medication related errors, surgical pre-op procedural errors to life threatening conditions like Venous Thromboembolism (VTE).

Not only do HACs seriously compromise patient safety but are also non-reimbursable events; having a significant negative impact on the hospitals bottom line.  Almost all HACs are preventable if established processes are just followed.  These processes require timely coordination across various hospital departments, which does not happen in a seamless manner.

Service Wings HAC solution functions like an automated traffic cop, watching and listening in the background to make sure rules are being followed.  It is an intelligent real-time data listening and processing agent that sits in the background of any HIT environment analyzing data from systems and devices.  The data is processed in real-time and compared against processes established by the hospital to monitor adherence.  Any deviation from an established process will create an immediate notification and alert in order to prevent an HAC from occurring and potentially escalating.

Service Wings HAC solution makes a hospital safer while eliminating millions of dollars in non-reimbursable cost.

Key Benefits

  • Focused on improving value and experience of patient while decreasing cost
  • Improve patient safety and quality of care
  • Extend hospital care to home environment
  • Eliminate areas of greatest financial cost and loss for hospitals
  • Leverage existing workflows and systems
  • Minimal training and deployment considerations
  • No capital expenditure