Disinfectant on Demand

Hypochlorous Acid – Natural biosecurity enhancement

Service Wing Organic Solutions, LLC produces and installs hygiene and water management systems, ranging in size and cost for agriculture, food, manufacturing, healthcare systems and municipalities worldwide. Our systems generate hypochlorous acid under ultra efficient and patented electrochemical conditions, using a combination of water, salt and electricity. The hypochlorous acid solution can be applied without hesitation in all environments. It is safe to use around people and animals, without the use of personal protective equipment. It has proven to destroy bacteria and harmful microorganisms in a short time period.

Hypochlorous acid is organically certified and is ideal for biosecurity enhancement:

  • Spray directly on hard or soft surfaces to decontaminate areas
  • Apply through hoses, foggers or misters to broadly sanitize large areas
  • Purify and disinfect drinking water by dosing into water systems
  • Add to foot baths and misters at facility entrances
  • Safe to apply around people, animals and the environment

Generate hypochlorous acid on-site with only salt, water and electricity.

  • Service Wing has systems ranging in size and cost that will meet every need
  • Once a system is installed, customers can consistently produce HOCl on-site, and sanitize all contact surfaces without the need to post-rinse
  • Hypochlorous acid is a powerful disinfecting and sterilization solution, without the harsh chemicals. It is a non-toxic biosecurity agent that has a high performance for destroying pathogens on porous and non-porous surfaces. It easily penetrates cell walls and reacts quickly to destroy bacteria and pathogen.