About Us

Our Mission

To develop, operate and maintain a new suite of health monitoring software that can offer early medical warnings, critical information, and verification of services for the patient, consumer, clinicians and family members. Service Wing’s system combines the medical data already available in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system and the “live” data captured from body area network devices and sensors. This new integrated data set, “Dynamic Medical Data” (DMD), automatically generates real-time, actionable events that will be used for earlier clinical intervention preventing readmission and or a more serious medical condition from developing.

About Us

Service Wing Healthcare, Inc. develops and markets a unique suite of software that deliver comprehensive monitoring of Body Area Network (BAN), smart and or Wi-Fi enabled devices. Service Wing Healthcare integrates with sensors and BAN devices, as well as with electronic medical records (EMR) or personal medical records (PMR), delivering intelligent and timely notifications to appropriate caregivers and or family members utilizing case-based analytics.  Service Wing not only monitors, but captures the comprehensive sensor data and stores it on the Dynamic Server, augmenting a patient’s personal and electronic medical record. Effectively, turning a passive medical chart into “dynamic medical data record” complete with meaningful vital data that will assist clinicians with their prognosis.

Key Benefits

  • Dynamic patient care
  • Reduced re-admissions
  • Verification of services
  • Clinician productivity
  • Alignment of financial incentives
  • Medical record consolidation
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Personal dashboard
  • Secured cloud access